Hey, will be amalgamating this and the Pentagrimes blog into one thing over Xmas, much as I like keeping my own music and other stuff seperate it seems unnecessary having two seperate blogs. Will post here when it’s all set up. Also have a new email address

New Music: Electricals & Otterans previews

I’ve mentioned Electricals briefly but you can now hear us for the first time via the song “I’m Going To The Fucking Moon”, from our upcoming “Healing Services” ep / demo / whatever above.

And conveniently enough, you can also now hear “Glasnevin Blues” from the upcoming Otterns tape “Canal Ghosts” today too.

I’ve talked about “Canal Ghosts” at length already so let’s talk about Electricals for a bit.

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Self Doubt in B-minor

I’ve been in the studio with Electricals recording four songs this month, and I’m also about to drop some info on a new Otterans release that’ll be out this Halloween.

I’d actually planned to have two Otterans releases out by Halloween but in the process of recording both, I found myself very much at the “back to the drawing board” stage, reconsidering what it is I’m doing and what the intention is behind it.

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